All images on Mostphotos are non-exclusive and can therefore be sold over and over again.

Commercial means that the photographer has written consent (a model release) from all the people/trademark/logo/company in the photo. This means that the image can be used in a commercial context and basically any other context as well. For instance in advertising for different products/causes/events.

Editorial are images that the photographer does not have written consent (a model release) for. These images can therefore only be used in news context and in relation to who/what the image portrays, for instance in newspapers.

If you are a buyer you also need to look into what license you need. You can read about licenses here:

You can also choose to show only commercial images when you do a search for keywords on our site by filtering your search result. Be aware that you may not use the images in any context that can be offensive to the photographer/model.

If you are a contributor/photographer you are able to mark your image as commercial/editorial in the same place where you tag your images.

Contact if you have any more questions or need any help.