In order to tag your images, go to Mediacloud > Library and mark the picture you would like to tag. Then add the relevant information (language, title, description, tags, license and content) in the right hand side of the window.


You can select one or multiple files when tagging your images. Multi-select by using shift/ctrl (PC), or command (MAC). If you have selected more than one picture click on the "Save" button that appears. If you have just marked/made changes to one image, the changes will be saved automatically.


Mostphotos will automatically translate the name, description and keywords of your image. This is done so that buyers using other languages can find your pictures.

When tagging, you should not mix languages. Stick to one language when you enter the name, description and keywords to your picture.

You need to tag your images with at least 2 keywords in order to make it possible for potential buyers to find them at the website.

The more relevant keywords the better, but do not give your images too many keywords since they then might be classified as spam. We recommend 5-15 keywords per image.

Avoid using common keywords such as “dog” or “flower”, since the site is flooded with these kinds of descriptions. Try instead to think of more unique tags such as “doberman puppy” or “red rose”.

Name and description
The name and description are also important, mainly for search engine optimization. The more relevant text there is explaining the image the better it is for search engine web crawlers. Entering name and description increases the chance for your images to be visible on for example Google. Therefore, insert relevant text and use words that are directly related to your image. Be descriptive and describe exactly what the picture shows.

Contact if you have any more questions or need any help.