As soon as you have bought an image or any of our packages you get a multi-user license that makes it possible to create sub accounts. This enables for other people in your organization to get access to all downloaded pictures as well as to download additional images. All downloaded images will be available for all users in the organization to download over and over again.

When you invite your co-workers to join your account, the new users get their own username and password, which gives you better security and control. Moreover, you can get statistics of who downloads what and how many images your organization have downloaded under a certain period.

You are also able to create groups with special permissions by dividing your users in different teams. This feature provides a better overview of your organization’s image consumption.

When one of your colleagues quits you can easily just remove his/her account.

In order to create sub accounts, go to your homepage, press My Colleagues and fill out the information needed.


Contact if you have any more questions or need any help.