The list that follows is not a complete description of all existing restrictions and guidelines regarding uploads, but a few examples of images that you must/should avoid uploading.

  • You may not upload images that are photographed by someone else.
  • You are not permitted to upload images with offensive content, such as pornographic, racist or violent scenes. Use your common sense.
  • Nudity/undressed images: Nude photos are OK, but genitalia may not show. All images that are nude or partly nude or otherwise not suitable for children's eyes should be marked as "nude" before you upload them. Sexy lingerie images, sexually provocative posing etc. should be marked as nude.
  • Do not upload images displaying copyright material such as logos, trademarks, copyright architecture, forms or patterns.
  • Do not watermark your images with your logo or name or add any other text. Photoshopped frames and borders are also forbidden.
  • Do not upload images that are underexposed, overexposed or blurred unless this is the intended artistic purpose.
  • Do not upload images that have no artistic, aesthetic or commercial value.
  • Do not upload family photos, personal vacations, simple portraits, pictures of pets and other similar images best suited for private family albums.

‚ÄčMake sure to categorize your photos correctly with regards to nude content and editorial images.

Contact if you have any more questions or need any help.